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Hilliard Taekwondo Academy Instructors

Teaching with respect Making it fun Leading by example


Chief Instructors:

       Ms. Thompson              Mr. Thompson

Ms. Thompson, currently a 5th degree Black Belt is the school owner and a chief instructor, sometimes referred to as "the child whisperer." She will be eligible to test for 6th Degree Black Belt in September 2017.

Mr. Thompson, a 5th degree Black Belt,
is a chief instructor and also the awesome "matrix man" who can jump higher and do more amazing kicks than seems humanly possible. He will be eligible to test for 6th Degree Black Belt in May 2018.

Ms. Thompson began studying taekwondo in the Spring of 1998 under Mr. David Perdue at his Taekwondo America school in Westerville, after being a lobby parent for a year while her children participated in his program.

In 2001 she became a volunteer instructor, teaching many children and adult classes, and earned her national instructor certification in 2002; became a school owner in 2005 and continues to participate in regular  recertification programs.

In addition to teaching, Ms. Thompson continues to compete in national tournaments and to test for new rank. She is eligible to test for her 6th Degree Black Belt in September of 2017.

Her degree from The Ohio State University is in psychology and much of her career outside of martial arts has been in marketing, graphic design and creative writing. When her children were younger she was actively involved in their classrooms and PTA programs as well as being a Girl Scout Leader, church drama team member and Sunday School teacher for many years. If you go to Cypress Church Alton Darby you may see her greeting at the door or using her ninja skills as a stagehand.

Mr. Thompson started taekwondo under Mr. Perdue in the Spring of 1997 at the age of nine. When he earned his 1st Decided Black Belt he entered the instructor training program to earn his instructor collar and eventually was hired to be on staff in the Westerville taekwondo school.

Mr. Thompson graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Biology with a focus on Environmental Sciences. Starting in Summer of 2011 he split his time between the Westerville and the Hilliard taekwondo schools, finally joining HTA full time in September of 2011. Due to his interest in helping students become healthier through both exercise and good nutrition he is taking graduate level classes.

At Hilliard Taekwondo Academy, you'll train with nationally certified instructors including two 5th Degree Black Belt chief instructors and six staff instructors including one 2nd Degree Senior Black Belt and five who are 3rd Degree-3rd Degree Senior Black Belts.

You also receive the benefit of the experience of our 2nd Degree-3rd Degree Black Belt regionally certified instructors as well as our many high-ranking leadership helpers.

Our Office Staff and Staff Instructors:

Plus many regionally certified instructors
and instructors-in-training

We also have many certified instructors who help us teach, as well as instructors-in-training who maintain safety, are learning how to teach and serve as mentors and role models for students.

What does all of this mean to you?
It means you and your family receive quality martial arts training. Every Taekwondo America school owner is required to earn and maintain national certification, which includes continuing education (martial arts techniques, people skills and business development).

At Hilliard Taekwondo Academy (HTA), you're training under several nationally certified instructors who are on our staff as well as many regionally certified instructors. Two of our instructors are 5th Degree Black Belts, many are 2nd and 3rd Degree Black Belts. All continue to improve their own skill level through national and regional competitions, in addition to preparing to test for higher rank.

EVERY instructor, whether staff or volunteer, must be at least a 1st Degree Decided Black Belt, which means they've trained for a minimum of 3 years. Once we accept them into our instructor training program they are then required to meet nationally set standards for national and regional certifications, pass rigorous tests to earn their Level 1 instructor collar and then move up through the instructor certifications.

Our students also benefit from the teaching experience of visiting instructors from other schools in our national organization.

Additionally we have many students who are referred to as Helpers, assisting in the Little Dragon program to help us maintain safety and serve as a great role models.

Most importantly, though, we want you to know that we don't do this just because it's fun or because it's a job. We do this day after day because we are passionate about the value of a high-quality martial arts program in helping children, teens and adults become more self-confident, respectful, disciplined and focused in school, on the job and in life, AND healthier and better able to defend themselves! Watching them turn into awesome martial artists isn't too shabby either!

Come on in and give it a try!