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Our Expectations of Students, Families and Guests

Our goal is to maintain a safer, respectful environment and help students be more successful

In a nutshell, while we have fun in our program we feel it's important to help set students up for future success at home, at school, on the job and in relationships by developing the skills to be on time, in the proper uniform, to communicate well, and have a good attitude. Family members and guests are also expected to be respectful, well-behaved and keep our lobby/restrooms clean and quiet.

We realize that many programs for children and teens, especially many sports programs, focus solely on the activity they offer and may turn a blind eye to the less-than-desirable behavior of the participants and the family members and friends who accompany them.

At Hilliard Taekwondo Academy we have a more holistic approach and believe that the Tenets of Taekwondo
Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit ─ apply to behavior in our lobby (and at home, at school and in the neighborhood) as well as on our workout floor. And to families and visitors as well as to our students. We appreciate your help in building and maintaining this environement.

It's our goal to help children, teens and adults become more successful in life by developing their confidence through exceptional martial arts training and learning the value of respect, courtesy, self-control and hard work.

Wondering when sniffles, rashes, injuries and more should keep you home from class? Check out our news page and our FAQ page for more details.

Our expectations
Wondering why we have such a looooong list of expectations listed below?
I don't know about you, but wherever I go I like to know what the rules are and what's expected of me.
The short version of all of our rules are pretty much "be respectful":
of our time
of our lobby
of our stuff
of others

The first 4 sets of cubbies with openings onto the workout floor are only for gear bags.
  Please do not let children play in them or stand on them, or put toys, shoes, coats, etc in them.
Students' shoes and coats go in the smaller white cubbies toward the back of the lobby.

We know that's all most of you need in terms of rules ... and we thank you for that. We also realize there are always those few people who will respond to any request with "where does it say that?!?" so here's where it says most of that ...

General expectations for everyone include:
(scroll down for expectations specifically for students and those that are for family members)
 Be respectful: of our staff, our instructors, our students, our school and our "stuff"
 Everyone wants to stay as healthy as possible, see information on our news page or our FAQ page
    about when to keep a student home who is recovering from an injury, may be ill, has a rash, etc.
 Parents/guardians are responsible for the behavior of students until we call them out
     onto the floor for class and as soon as we dismiss them from class
  Anyone under the age of 18 who is not yet a student but is trying class must
    have a parent/guardian in the lobby during the entire class
  Friends of students are not to be dropped off and left unsupervised in our lobby
 Students must stay inside the lobby until their parents arrive to get them
●  Regarding when to drop off and pick up students:
        - Students should not be dropped off and left without a parent more than 5 minutes before their class
In an emergency you may drop them off up to 15 minutes early
        - Any student dropped off must be able to handle all toileting needs
  Each student is responsible for  recording their own attendance
    This is one step in developing independence and responsibility
         - If your class is already lining up, wait until after class to log your attendance
         - Parents do not log attendance for their child and friends/siblings do not
           log attendance for each other; this is a first step in learning to be responsible

  The lobby and restrooms should be kept neat, clean and tidy
●  Noise in the lobby needs to be kept a minimum so as not to disrupt class
  Do not run in the lobby
  If it is rainy or snowy, please wipe your feet thoroughly on the entry carpets
  Do not step out onto the workout floor unless instructed to do so
  Shoes are not to be worn onto the mats
  All school owners and instructors are called Ms., Mr., Miss or Mrs. and their last name.
          Even if a teen instructor is your next door neighbor, at the school they are referred to formally
 Only our trained instructors should instruct students on any of our material, and only inside our school
        - Students are not to teach other students, friends, neighbors, family, schoolmates, etc
        - Parents/family members are also not to teach (or "help) students, friends, etc at home
           It looks easy from the lobby (just like football looks easy when you are watching it from
           the couch), but try a class for a whole new perspective

Students, including those trying their first class:
 Be on time for class
        This means arriving in time to check in and be ready when the class lines up
        Students arriving 15 or more minutes after the scheduled class time will not be permitted to participate
 Until 5 minutes before the scheduled start of their class (not 6 and then 7 and then 8 ...), students should not be congregating by
     the door to the workout floor; Little Dragon and Junior Program students must stay beside their parents in the lobby
        When students start hanging out at the entrance to the workout floor (or congregating at the windows to the workout floor) they
        disrupt the current class as they get louder and louder, play with the drinking fountains, push and shove each other playfully, even
        when parents are standing right there

 Students may then wait quietly and standing still at the back entrance to the workout floor starting 5 minutes before their class time
 Students arriving once the warm up has started need to wait at the entrance and ask permission
     from the instructor to enter the class
        If you arrived late but less than 15 minutes after the scheduled start time for your class, wait until AFTER class to use the
        computer to log your attendance
        If you arrive 15 or more minutes after the scheduled start time of your class, without prior permission, you will not be allowed to
        participate in class today since you will have missed at least a third of the class time

 When spoken to, our students always respond with a loud, respectful "Yes, Ma'am!" or "Yes, Sir!"
        Instructors speak to you in the same respectful way
 Students need to respond quickly to instructions given so we know we can proceed safely
 Students are respectful and courteous to instructors, helpers and other students
 We do have age & belt rank appropriate consequences if students behave disrespectfully
        Typically, explaining what is expected is enough; once in a while a brief timeout or missing a fun activity like dodge ball may be
        needed; rarely do we need to remove a child from class for the day
        We also use positive, motivational language to redirect and reinforce behavior we do want

 Students are expected to practice good hygiene out of respect for themselves and others
       - Bodies, including hands and feet, and uniforms must be clean to participate in class
       - Deodorant is our friend (too much cologne or aftershave or anything strong smelling is not our friend)
       - Wash sparring elbow pads (& athletic supporters) and uniforms frequently (we do not wash belts)
       - Fingernails and toenails must be kept short
       - First, it's a sign of respect to take the time to be properly prepared for class.
       - Second, no one wants to partner with someone who is dirty and smelly 

 Wear the proper HTA uniform to every class as a sign of respect for yourself and our program
       - Our t-shirts may be worn with our white or our color workout pants
       - T-shirts must be tucked in
       - The white uniform jacket is worn only with the white uniform pants
       - You must wear your belt to every class
       - Students with any part of their uniform missing will line up last for warm ups
       - Replace items that are too small, too stained or too smelling
       - Appropriate supportive undergarments should be worn
       - Bright or patterned undergarments may show through the white uniform pants
 Visitors trying their first class need to wear modest, appropriate clothing per our Specials page
 Wear the proper uniform to testing, award ceremonies and tournaments
●  No jewelry is to be worn in class ─ it can injure you or your partners
     This applies to metal, string or rubber ankle/wrist bracelets, necklaces, etc
        - The exception is a medical bracelet identifying allergies/medical conditions

        - Stud earrings may be worn if removing them will damage the ears,
           but never hoops or dangling earrings of any kind

 Do not misuse taekwondo and do not try to teach friends or other students
          It's one thing to show Grandma or Grandpa your form, but we do not want students
          trying to teach their neighbors, siblings, friends the kicks, strikes or self-defense
          moves or even their form or one-steps; and we do not want parents watching class and then trying
          to teach the material; trying to "help" your child learn taekwondo reinforces for them that you don't
          think they are capable of learning it on their own, which can be discouraging for them; if they are
          upset because they didn't earn a stripe, rather than trying to fix things for them by trying to teach them
          just listen to them, let them know you are proud of their effort and reassure them that they will get it eventually

Parents/guardians, visitors and family members of students:
 If a student is unwell, keep them home
       - If they have a headache, tummy ache, or are too tired, they aren't going to be able to focus
       - If they have something contagious, we don't want it to spread: fever, rash, cough, pink eye, etc ...

 Build in transition time between other activities and coming to taekwondo
●  Do not try to "help" your child learn taekwondo that's the fastest way to make them hate it
          Learning something new IS difficult and your child or sibling or spouse WILL probably complain
          if they can't do that kick yet or don't earn that stripe or don't pass testing this time ... that is normal;
          rather than trying to fix it for them by watching class and then trying to teach them (or if if you are also
          a student and it is your current or previous form); simply listen (sometimes they just need to vent),
          let them know that you are proud of their effort and that eventually they will get that stripe or pass that testing;
          when we try to fix the problem for them they may hear it as us thinking they cannot do it and that
          can be discouraging for them and make them want to quit

 Family and friends may not call out to students who are in class and may not come out
     onto the workout floor since it can distract students and instructors and create a safety issue
●  Do not step onto the workout mats unless invited to do so (with or without shoes on)
●  Children may not sit in the lobby windows, even when you are holding them.
          You don't think they will drop or throw that toy or cup; or shriek
●  Leave the lobby chairs where we arranged them and do not allow children to stand on them
          We don't want anyone to fall and get hurt

●  Treat our lobby with respect; allowing children to run, yell, climb on chairs, leave crumbs and spills (which stain the lobby rugs), or
    leave the restrooms untidy is inconsiderate of other visitors and of our staff who clean at the end of each evening
●  We want courtesy, respect and self-control to become part of every aspect of our students' lives so these qualities are as important in
    our lobby (and among family members and other visitors) as they are in our classes
 Our instructors are only permitted to teach in our school under the supervision of a chief instructor
 The day may come when your child wants to quit because their new belt level material is challenging or they have just started 
     sparring (or the sparring in their new class is more challenging) or they didn't earn their stripe or didn't pass testing or there
     may be changes at home with a family illness, a move to a new house, starting a new school, a new baby, etc
           As a parent, one of the things to think about is how to help your child face up to and
           overcome challenges including how to respond when things are difficult; "it's boring, I don't like it anymore"
           may mean "I don't like that it's not as easy and that I have to work harder now" or "I used to be the top dog
           in my old class and now I'm not the highest ranking/best one anymore"; the journey through
           martial arts isn't one that leads to either success OR failure, but leads students to success
           as they meet and overcome setbacks. The only way to fail at martial arts is to give up.
           Hilliard Taekwondo Academy students aren't quitters! We ROCK IT OUT every day!

Staying Informed, Signing up for Belt Rank Testing and more
 Keeping up on what's happening at Hilliard Taekwondo Academy should be easy since we:
        - make announcements after every class
        - update the website regularly (see our home page, news page and schedule/calendar page)
        - post announcements on facebook
        - often have posters up at the school

 We expect every student to plan to test at every Belt Rank Testing
        - Testing is every Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct and Dec; usually Wed - Fri of the first week
        - Every color belt who has earned their red or black stripe should register to test
        - Black Belts who have longer time requirements should check the posted BB testing list and
          check with the chief instructors to confirm that they are prepared for testing
        - If you choose to not register for testing because you are afraid you might get
           a no-change, not testing when you are eligible is the same as getting a no-change;
           if you don't even try, you have zero chance or passing; if you try, you may not pass, but
           at least you had a chance, you aren't any further behind in rank, but our respect for you
           increases as a result of your courage
 Give us all the information we need to help your child succeed
If your child has a medical, psychological or behavioral issue, we need to know
          We won't limit what we try to teach them or what we think they can accomplish, but
          it does impact how we teach and communicate with them

        - Family issues impact a child's behavior, attention span, ability to learn
          Tension, divorce, siblings going off to college, family illness all can affect a child and
          us knowing about it can help us better understand the behavioral changes we are seeing
 Continuing to come to class regularly, even (or especially) when life at home is challenging can help
     kids maintain a sense of normalcy in difficult times


    We have a number of students who have serious peanut/tree nut
    allergies that require epi-pens (which also means a required 911 call) if they have a
    reaction. Our fundraiser snack options do have items that may have nuts in them, but we
    do not sell packages of loose nuts because of the higher probability of spilling on the
    floor. It would be courteous to avoid bringing snacks into the school like peanut butter
    sandwiches, packages of nuts, etc. If your child is a student it is also helpful if you have
    them wash their hands and face before taking class, especially if they have consumed
    nuts, peanut butter or similar items recently. And no snacks of any kind in gear bags,
    please, since sparring gear comes into contact with other students.  Thank you!






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