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Class Schedule and Calendar
Class schedule is below the calendar
(Call for information about our programs for ages 3 & 4, ages 5 & 6, ages 7-12, Teens and Adults)

We revise the class schedule, see the calendar for your class time.
The Monday of testing week our focus in class will be on the students
who are scheduled to test and/or who
have their blue stripe and
just need to try to earn their
red stripe to be able to test.

Interested in trying a class?
Call about a mini-trial or wait until our next session starting
June 13th to try a class. Call for details.

Try a free trial classes:

Ages 7-12 may try any one class listed on the schedule below as a Jr Beginners Class for ages 7-12
Ages 6 may try either the Wed 6:45 pm or Sat. 10:30 am class
Ages 3-5 call about our Little Dragons and Ninja Juniors Waiting Lists
Ages 11-15 may try either the Wed. 7:15 pm or Fri. 6:30 PM Class
Ages 13 - Adults may try any one: Mon, Tue, Thu 7:30 pm, Fri 6:30 or Sat 12:30 class
Adults may try any one: Mon, Wed, Fri 9:15 am class (or any one of the age 13+ classes)  

For more information about trying a free trial class,
 including what to wear, visit our
Specials page.

The Monday of testing week our class schedule is adjusted.
See calendar for any adjustments/changes to our class schedule.

New Class Schedule effective April 11, 2017
impacts Wednesday 6:45 pm and later classes
impacts Saturday class times
We are changing Little Dragons to 3 & 4 year olds (11:30 am Saturdays)
Ages 5 & 6 have their Ninja Juniors class Saturdays at 10:30 am
(the 6 year old Ninja Juniors also have a 2nd class each week: Wed 6:45 pm class)



Summer Schedule with T & Th morning kids classes begins Tue June 13th