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HTA Stripe Requirements

White Belt - Senior Green Belts have 5 skill tape stripes to earn
and Purple Belts - Recommended Black Belts have 6 skill tape stripes to earn
to demonstrate they are ready to test at the next regularly schedule Belt Rank Testing.
Orange Belts - Recommended Black Belts who do not pass testing (or do not participate in testing)
will have their skill tape stripes removed when they arrive for their first class after testing.
See chart below help you understand stripes.

Parents, the purpose of this chart is solely to help you understand
the stripe system.

Do not use this information to try to "help" them earn the stripes.

That's one of the fastest ways to make your child dislike taekwondo and
lose self-confidence (We know ... you think NOT getting the stripe will do that).
You think you are helping but:
1) you've turned something they started because it was fun into more homework and
2) while getting the stripe with your help may make them happy
for that moment, the fact that you felt you had to help them
can make them feel you don't believe they can do it themselves.

Earning a skill stripe is less about the stripe itself and more about
teaching the student the value of coming to class consistently
AND to persevere and not give up if they don't earn something
the first time they test (or the 2nd or 3rd or 4th time).

Keep reminding them how proud you are of their effort and that you know they will earn it.

Chief Instructors announce when students may begin testing for stripes after class.
(Testing for a stripe is a privilege.If students misbehave, they might not be permitted to test for a stripe that day.)
Typically we announce testing for the first stripe 1-2 weeks after the award ceremony.
The option to test for the next stripe is typically added each week thereafter.
Stripes must be earned in order: Yellow, Green, (Purple
for Purple Belts+), Blue, Red, Black.
Students may earn only one stripe a day.
Students may earn only up to the stripe currently being awarded.
(For example, a student may learn their entire form very quickly, but if we are in
yellow stripe week, a student may not test for their green or blue stripe yet.
On the other hand, if a student has not earned a yellow or green stripe yet,
but we are in blue stripe week, they may still test for their yellow and/or green stripe.
If they earn the yellow stripe, they may test the next day for the green stripe.
If they earn that, they may test the next day for the blue stripe.)

Students who want to test for a stripe must sit down after their class is
dismissed and wait quietly and respectfully to be called on by an instructor.
(Testing for a stripe is a privilege. If students misbehave, we may
choose to send them home without testing for a stripe that day.)

Students must be able to demonstrate the required techniques without
assistance to earn the stripe.
(If they do not earn the stripe the first time they test, they may try again after
each future class they attend until they earn that stripe.)


Belt Stripe Requirement (updated June 2014)
White Belts - Recommended Black Belts Yellow Parents, please do not use this chart to try to teach your children at home in an effort to help them earn stripes.
Earning a stripe is less about the stripe itself and more
about learning to come to class 2-3 times a week consistently, to focus and give good effort in class AND to not give up if you don't earn the stripe the first (or 2nd or 3rd or 4th) time you try.

Demonstrate kicks on target with good technique.
White Belt kicks: front, side, crescent
Yellow Belt kicks: round, spin side, spin crescent
Orange Belt kicks: jump front, jump round, skip side
Senior Orange and up: we choose a different kick family each testing cycle
White - Recommended Black Belts Green Demonstrate 1st half of student's form with good technique.
Senior belts are expected to demonstrate form with better technique, stances and snap than "plain color" belt students.
Purple Belts - Recommended Black Belts only Purple This Skill Tape Stripe is for Purple - Rec. Black Belts only.
Demonstrate Belt Level Punching Skill with good technique.
White - Recommended Black Belts Blue Demonstrate entire form with good technique.
Senior belts are expected to demonstrate form with better technique, stances and snap than "plain color" belt students.
White - Recommended Black Belts Red

You should sign up for testing once you earn this stripe, though it's important to continue coming to class to keep up, and continue improving, your skills and trying to earn your black stripe.
White-Orange: One-Steps/Sparring Combinations
                      (Children have 3 one-steps, Teens/Adults have 5 one-steps)
                     Teen/Adult class Yellow and Orange Belts who spar in
                     class will spar at testing rather than do one-steps.

Sr Orange - Black Belt: sparring at expected level for rank,
                  which includes:
                      ● keeping hands up (near eye level) and elbows in
                      ● blocking well and demonstrating awareness of partner
                      ● moving well both toward and away from partner
                         using good/correct footwork
                      ● making light sparring contact with partners
                      ● striking only approved target areas
                         above belt and only to front of body or head gear
                      ● using all kicks up to and including belt level kicks
                         the higher the rank, the less reliance on basic kicks
                      ● using effective combinations for student's rank
                         multiple, effective techniques grouped in a sequence
● defending from and responding to partner's sparring
                         rather than just punching and kicking randomly
● having the energy to spar well for expected # of rounds
White - Recommended Black Belts Black

You should definitely register for testing if you didn't believe us that the red stripe meant "register now".
Keep coming to class, though, to keep your performance "testing-ready"
Student's form, one-steps, sparring have been reviewed and approved for testing.

Reminder: earning your black stripe is not a guarantee of passing testing, but simply means you've earned the privilege to participate in testing; it's important to keep coming to class to maintain and continue improving your level of training right up to the time of testing.
If a student does not pass testing, they get to test again in 2 months (yes, even if they are a Black Belt with longer time-in-rank requirements) and you do not pay for that next testing at this same rank. Not passing a testing is not the end of the world. It teaches a student the importance of not giving up and that if they keep working towards a goal, eventually they WILL get there!