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No Classes Thu, Fri or Sat, Sept 18-20
National Tournament & High Rank Testing

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Ask about introductory specials to help you get started.
Parents, while your child is a student at
Hilliard Taekwondo Academy,
you can take your first 2 months of classes
for the price of a uniform ($30 plus tax).
Ask about details and any restrictions that may apply.

Upcoming Events:

Potential new students can start with a trial class.

HTA students, refer a friend to our program and if they sign up you can pick out a t-shirt. Ask for details and restrictions.

#aMorePeacefulWorld contest
Ask for details about how our HTA students can make our community a better place and have a chance to win a t-shirt.
See News Page for more details.

See news page for details about what kind of Buckeye t-shirts you can wear to class on Fridays!

NO CLASSES Thu - Sat, Sept 18-20
National Tournament & High Rank Testing
EVERY HTA student can participate in the Saturday tournament and watch Friday's high rank testing and high rank tournament
We have 6 instructors testing at the High Rank Testing
One for 3rd Degree Senior Level Black Belt
3 for 3rd Decided Black Belt & 2 for 3rd Degree Black Belt

October Belt Rank Testing Events October 1-7, 2014
Every student who has earned at least their
RED stripe
by the testing date is expected to register for testing
All eligible Black Belts are expected to test

Central OH Adult Sparring
Saturday, Oct 11 during the noon Teen/Adult Class
Teens/Adults students of Ohio Taekwondo America Schools are welcome to come and spar.

Annual Family Halloween Potluck and Costume Event
Watch for date, time and location

NO CLASSES Thursday October 30
Since that is Trick 'r' Treat in Hilliard

November Local Tournament
for invited taekwondo schools only
Saturday November 15 or 22
We're waiting to hear back from Hilliard City Schools

Thanksgiving weekend ● NO CLASSES Thu-Sat, Nov 27-29

Watch for more upcoming social events
Like ice skating and roller skating parties and more ...


More respectful, confident & focused for school!
Wondering if your child can handle academics AND taekwondo classes?

You may enjoy the article on our News page about how exercise helps kids do BETTER academically.

Their brains need a break from homework once in a while, and exercise helps clear the brain-fog,
plus kids who are bullied have a harder time focusing in school. Martial Arts gives them the confidence
to stand up to or ignore bullies and lets them get back to focusing on what's important ... their academics.

Build self-confidence
    Self-confident Children and Teens are more likely to make better decisions,
    do better in school,
are less likely to be bullied and to be better prepared for peer pressure.
develop assertiveness to help them succeed at work and in relationships.

    Martial arts can help parents be an even stronger role model for their family.

    The positive, motivating atmosphere at Hilliard Taekwondo Academy
    helps boys and girls, teens and adults learn to set and achieve goals.

    Plus, our quality martial arts training can help you and your family feel
    healthier as well as safer and more confident about taking care of yourselves.

Take class with FUN, respectful instructors
    Harsh criticism and bullying students isn't our style. Learning self-control,
    self-discipline, respect and having consequences are a big part of our program, 
    but our goal is to motivate, encourage and inspire students to improve every day.
    Our instructors model respectful behavior, while making classes challenging and fun.

Great workouts!
Quality martial arts training can help you achieve your fitness goals.
    New teen/adult students often tell me our classes are a better workout
    (and more FUN!) than boot camp workouts they've been through!
    At the same time they're surprised we're able to adapt our drills to their
    fitness level, making it easier for them to get started on a healthier lifestyle!
    And in our Pre-Juniors and Juniors programs, we use fun, active
    games mixed with traditional drills to keep students moving and exercising.
    It's like a team sport in that you take class with lots of other students, but
    your ability doesn't impact anyone else. If it takes you longer to learn
    and master new skills no one is upset and if you have natural martial arts
    ability no one else's learning style holds you back. This environment helps you
    make friends AND motivates students to compliment and encourage one another.

Exceptional martial arts training!
Just because we have fun and can adapt our program to different fitness levels
    doesn't mean you'll get a watered down taekwondo program. We teach to the
    highest standards and challenge every student to improve their techniques
    and give us their best effort in every class. 

Bright, clean school
    Visitors often comment that our school is so clean, so bright and so welcoming!
    If you expect our school to smell bad or look dark and dingy based on movies you've seen
    or places you've visited, you're in for a pleasant surprise. We offer great workouts,
    but when you walk in the door it shouldn't smell like yesterday's sweaty t-shirts.
Visit today and see why so many
Hilliard (and Dublin, Plain City, Galloway, Grove City, Upper Arlington and Columbus!) area families are choosing Hilliard Taekwondo Academy to move toward a healthier, more self-confident future!

You won't be pressured to join - We believe the high quality of our program speaks for itself. Besides, we want students who really want to be here, not families who feel they were pressured or tricked into signing up. You'll experience a well-rounded professional program that provides exceptional martial arts instruction in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere.

We're looking forward to meeting you soon!

Ms. Thompson
5th Degree Black Belt, owner and chief instructor

Mr. Thompson
5th Degree Black Belt, chief instructor

Ms. Sara Faust
Office Manager

Visit today for more information!

Ms. Thompson (middle) with her daughter (Sara Faust) and her son (Mr. Thompson)

What students and their families are saying about our program:

There are too many comments from families to include all of them, but they fall into several categories.

Teachers notice increased focus, impulse control and respect in the classroom
Physical and occupational therapists notice improved balance, coordination and memory
Parents are surprised that children who quit most activities shortly after starting, stick with
   the program at Hilliard Taekwondo Academy and thrive in our our classes
Moms are pleased with the positive role models in our program, the motivating attitude we
   use to inspire children, teens and adults to achieve goals and they love the clean, bright
   lobby and workout floor
Dads appreciate the opportunity every student has to participate fully in every class, the
   great work ethic we promote and the exceptional martial arts instruction offered by Hilliard
   Taekwondo Academy
Students love coming to class because they know they'll get a great workout, the instructors
   will make it fun, they'll have the opportunity to try challenging techniques and at Hilliard
   Taekwondo Academy we see and foster the potential in every student
Almost everyone comments on the fact that we care enough about every student to learn
   their name, to recognize their individual abilities and to help them become more
   self-confident and skilled
Families are amazed at how quickly timid children become more self-confident and that those
   who have a tendency to bully become more respectful
Our instructors, Leadership students and Class Helpers are frequently complimented on how
   well they work with our students by giving positive feedback for improved performance and
   using immediate age-appropriate consequences to redirect negative behavior
● Our Teen & Adult students are often praised for how welcoming and helpful they are with new
   students, making it easy to stick with our program

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6320 Scioto-Darby Rd, Hilliard, Ohio 43026  614-777-6033
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We're in the Darby Town Center at the corner of Cosgray and Scioto Darby; near Beef O'Brady's,
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