Congratulations to all our students who participated in
the Taekwondo America Midwest Regional Tournament!

"In a week or so no one remembers what medals you won (or didn't) but they DO remember who was humble when they won, gracious
when they didn't, gave their best effort and high-fived everyone else in their ring ... THAT is the definition of a winner in my book."
- Ms. Thompson

Due to its popularity our Little Dragons program now has a waiting list
Call for details

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Visit today!   6320 Scioto Darby Road 614-777-6033
corner of Cosgray & Scioto Darby Rds in the Darby Town Center

Looking for information about our family-friendly program?
We don't just teach awesome kicking and punching ... we're changing lives!

We don't measure our success by the number of square feet in our school,
but by the amazing number of lives we have the opportunity to impact in such a positive way. 
(though most visitors are surprised at how bright, clean and big our school is!)

Parents, we have a special to help you get started, too
Read the article on our news page.


Getting Started!
all you need to know
to try a class,
including what to wear,
is just a click away.

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Full inclement weather policy:
News & Events

The short version to the
weather-related question of
"Will HTA be open?":
SNOW: maybe
COLD: probably


Ask about introductory specials to help you get started.
Our current intro special price averages to only $16 a week!

PARENTS, while your child is a student at
Hilliard Taekwondo Academy,
you can buy a full uniform and work out with us
in the adult and teen/adult classes for two months.

Ask about details and any restrictions that may apply.

Upcoming Events:

Check us out on Faces of Hilliard

2015 Belt Rank Testing dates are on the News Page
See calendar on schedule page for April testing dates/times

Next Belt Rank Testing April 1 - 7, 2015
RED Skill tape stripe means "Register NOW"
If you register after Sat. March 28 it's an add'l $5
Testing dates/times are on the calendar on our schedule page
If you aren't sure about testing, registering, dates/times, etc. ask us.

Taekwondo America Central OH Tournament
Saturday May 16, 2015 hosted by Hilliard Taekwondo Academy
For invited schools only Start planning now!
Every Hilliard Taekwondo Academy student should plan to participate since we are the host school

HTA Family Ice Skating Party
Saturday, June 6th

Midwest Regional Taekwondo Camp 2015

Urbana University, Urbana OH
July 17 (Friday early morning check in) - July 19 (Sunday morning check out 10 - 11 am after last workout)
Instructor Camp Day: Thursday, July 16 starting at 1:00 pm

HTA Family Picnic and Water gun war
Saturday, August 15, 2015
noon - 3:00 pm

Watch for more upcoming social events

Develop confidence stand up to bullying!
Help your family have victory in the issues of bullying, respect and confidence!

Self-confidence makes a BIG difference
    Confident Children and Teens are more likely to be respectful to make better decisions,
    focus better in school, and
are less likely to be bullied or give in to negative peer pressure.
who are self-confident tend to be more successful at work and in relationships.
    (Yes, even adults deal with people who use bullying tactics at work, at home and in social settings)

    Parents who take martial arts can be an even stronger role model for their family.

    The positive, motivating atmosphere at Hilliard Taekwondo Academy
    helps boys and girls, teens and adults learn to set and achieve goals.

    Plus, our quality martial arts training can help you and your family feel
    healthier as well as safer and more confident about taking care of yourselves.

Have FUN while learning from great role models
    Harsh criticism and bullying students isn't our style. Learning self-control,
    self-discipline, respect and having consequences are a big part of our program, 
    but our goal is to motivate, encourage and inspire students to improve every day
    through fun and challenging classes in our family-friendly atmosphere.

Great workouts to help you get healthier!
Quality martial arts training can help you achieve your fitness goals.
    Our teen and adult programs offers great workouts and yet we're able to adapt our drills
    to your fitness level, making it easier for you to get started on a healthier lifestyle!
    And in our Little Dragons and Juniors programs, we use fun, active
    games mixed with traditional drills to keep students moving and exercising.
    It's like a team sport in that you take class with lots of other students, but
    each student's progression depends on their own ability and effort. This environment helps you
    make friends AND motivates students to compliment and encourage one another.

Exceptional martial arts training!
Just because we have fun and can adapt our program to different fitness levels
    doesn't mean you'll get a watered down taekwondo program. We teach to the
    highest standards and challenge every student to improve their techniques
    and give us their best effort in every class. 

Professional atmosphere in a bright, clean school
    Visitors often comment that our school is so clean, so bright and so welcoming!
    If you expect our school to smell bad or look dark and dingy based on movies you've seen
    or places you've visited, you're in for a pleasant surprise. We offer great workouts,
    but we believe when you walk in the door it shouldn't smell like yesterday's sweaty t-shirts.
    And many schools may have a lot of square footage, but do you want to work out in the biggest
    space, or in a school that is one of the biggest in terms of the number of students training here
    because they've recognized the quality of our program?
Visit today and see why so many
Hilliard (and Dublin, Plain City, Galloway, Grove City, Upper Arlington and Columbus!) area families are choosing Hilliard Taekwondo Academy to move toward a healthier, more self-confident future!

Martial arts can help your family feel a sense of victory when it comes to bullies, health, self-confidence and more.

You won't be pressured to join - We believe the high quality of our program speaks for itself and we want students who really want to be here, not families who feel they were pressured or tricked into signing up. You'll experience a well-rounded professional program that provides exceptional martial arts instruction in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere.

We're looking forward to meeting you soon!

Ms. Thompson
5th Degree Black Belt, owner and chief instructor

Mr. Thompson
5th Degree Black Belt, chief instructor

Ms. Sara Faust
Office Manager
who also earned her Black Belt so be nice :)

Visit today for more information!

Ms. Thompson (middle) with her daughter (Sara Faust) and her son (Mr. Thompson)

What students and their families are saying about our program:

There are too many comments from families to include all of them, but they fall into several categories.

Teachers notice improved focus, impulse control, confidence and respect in the classroom
Physical and occupational therapists notice better balance, coordination and memory
Parents are surprised that children who try and then quit activity after activity, stick with
   the program at Hilliard Taekwondo Academy and excel in our our classes
Moms (and many dads) pull me aside frequently to praise the instructors in our program   
   and the motivating attitude we use to inspire children, teens and adults to achieve goals,
   plus they love how clean and bright we keep our lobby and workout floor
Dads appreciate the opportunity every student has to participate fully in every class, the
   great work ethic we promote and the exceptional martial arts instruction offered by Hilliard
   Taekwondo Academy
Students love coming to class because they know they'll get a great workout, the instructors
   will make it fun, they'll have the opportunity to try challenging techniques, and at Hilliard
   Taekwondo Academy we see the potential in every student and encourage them to excel
Almost everyone comments on the fact that we care enough about every student to learn
   their name, to recognize their individual abilities, to help them become more
   self-confident and to work one-on-one periodically to help them improve their skill
Families are amazed at how quickly timid children become more confident and that those
   who have a tendency to bully others learn to follow our rules and show respect
Our volunteer and staff instructors are frequently complimented on how well they work with  
   our students as they give positive feedback for improved performance and use immediate
   age-appropriate consequences to redirect negative behavior
● Our Teen & Adult students are often praised for how welcoming and helpful they are with new
   students, encouraging them to come back and making it easy to stick with our program

HTA Stories

6320 Scioto-Darby Rd, Hilliard, Ohio 43026  614-777-6033
(fax: 777-6036) Please do not use our fax for solicitations.
Sadly we had to delete the email option because so many spammers were using it.

We're in the Darby Town Center at the corner of Cosgray and Scioto Darby; near Beef O'Brady's, Whit's Frozen Custard, Ohio Health Primary Care (Dr. Ann Sage), between New Grounds Coffee Shop and Cake Creations; look for the red KARATE sign)