Belt Rank Testing starts Dec 6th Get to class to prepare!
Monday, Dec. 5th the class schedule is revised (see the calendar)
to provide students who are eligible to test (or who just need to earn their red stripe)
with one last class to help prepare for belt rank testing

Picture Day, Sat. December 10th, for ALL our students

Openings to try a class for ages 6-12, Teens, Adults starts Wed. Dec. 14th

Thank you, HTA Families, for all your amazing referrals to our program!
Call today to see which programs have a waiting list
until Wednesday, December 14th

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We are in Darby Town Center at the corner of Cosgray Rd near the soccer fields close to Alton Darby Road.
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Respect, Integrity, Confidence
We teach so much more than just exceptional physical skills.
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You'll love our bright, clean, family-friendly environment!

When should sniffles, rashes and injuries ...
oh my! ... keep you home from class?

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More confident kids (teens and adults, too)
   Kids, teens and even adults deal with being bullied whether at school, at home or on the job.
    Our high expectations and positive, motivating teaching style helps students learn to step up
    to challenges. Lowering goals and stepping in to fix everything for someone tells them we
    don't believe they can do it and decreases confidence. Failure is never fatal unless a student  
    gives up. Experiencing disappointment and learning to stick with it until they succeed is what
    develops confidence. They CAN do it and all the amazing role models on our instructor team
    will help them develop the skills to succeed!

    Plus, learning how to stand up to bullies and bullying, developing stranger danger skills and our
    Women's Self-Defense Basics classes can help your family feel safer and more confident.

Develops focus, respect & self-discipline
   Yelling at, and berating students is NOT our style. We use positive, motivating language and
    immediate age and rank appropriate consequences to reinforce expected behavior while
    modeling appropriate behavior to help students become more courteous, focused and respectful.
    We believe kids WANT to do the right thing; they just need to know where the boundaries are,
    to have consistent and immediate consequences, and to be recognized when they are giving
    their best effort.

Improves health and fitness
    Adults, did you know that just 2-3 taekwondo classes a week can dramatically reduce the odds
    of a heart attack?!? Plus it's a great way to make new friends and reduce stress. We can adapt
    drills to meet different skill levels, from the "couch to tkd" student up to the more experienced
    martial arts athlete. Our teen and adult students make every new student feel welcomed.

Hilliard Taekwondo Academy can also help kids (and teens and adults) increase muscle tone,
    develop core strength, improve cardio function. No one "sits on the bench" here. All students
    participate fully in every class.

The positives of an individual sport AND a team sport
    Students are not compared to each other, no one "sits on the bench" and we reward effort
    way more than natural ability. Our students learn to be positive, motivating and courteous
    to one another. Our goal is to help every student challenge themselves and improve a little
    every single time they come to class.

A "WOW workout in a bright, clean, spacious martial arts school
    Adults often comment that our workouts are more challenging, and yet more fun, than many
    bootcamp-type programs they've tried. From foam rollers and stretch bands to help you increase
    flexibility to battle ropes and windsprints (sometimes with medicine balls) to improve your cardio
    function to target and sparring drills to improve your martial arts skills, you'll get a full workout
    every time you come to class. Plus you'll develop new friendships ... and all in space that is
    roomy and bright and doesn't smell like a typical gym.

We don't give some students better training if they pay more
(Although we do charge considerably LESS for our once-a-week age 4 & 5 Dragons program)
    Every single student receives the same high quality training. Yes, we could create "elite"
    programs and charge a whole lot more money for you to be in those programs ... but to us that
    would imply we are teaching with less than our highest quality in our "regular" programs and that
    does not fit with our view of the taekwondo tenet of INTEGRITY.

From my family to yours ... call or visit us today to find out more about what Hilliard Taekwondo Academy can do for your family!

Ms. Thompson (center) with her daughter (Sara) and her son (Mr. Thompson)

2017 testing dates are on our news page

Next Tournament: Winter National Tournament for students of our Taekwondo America national organization
Fri - Sat, Jan 13 & 14, 2017 in
Orlando FL (MLK weekend)

Next Belt Rank Testing:
Dec. 5-12

Watch for more Social Events:

HTA Picture Day, Dec 10th
(our Sports Photo Day)
Saturday, December 10th
Full White Uniforms
If you tested and passed (except for black belts with names on them) we'll have your new belt at picture day for you to wear in your individual photos. (Black belts getting their first belt with their name, we'll loan you a belt with a gold bar to wear in your individual photos)
Here are the group/class photo times:
(you can get individual photos taken before or after your group time if you want them):
Times (based on your new rank:
8:45 am Staff photo, all instructors photo
9:00 am All Teen/Adult Class students
9:15 am Black Belt Jrs (incl Prob & Rec)
9:45 am All Junior Blue - Sr Red
10:30 am Dragons and helpers
11:00 am Junior Green - Sr Purple
11:45 am Junior White - Sr Orange

October & November classes competed. Register now for Sat. December 17 2016

6320 Scioto Darby Road Hilliard OH 43026 ● 614-777-6033 ● FACEBOOK
We're at the corner of Cosgray Rd and Scioto Darby in Darby Town Center between Cake Creations and New Grounds Coffee,
and with Beef O'Brady's, Whit's Frozen Custard, Ohio Health Primary Care, CVS, First Choice Haircutters, Chase Bank and more

We expanded our space this past year as a result of our rapidly growing class sizes due to so many of our current and former students referring
their friends to us. Thank you for the amazing support Hilliard, Dublin, Galloway, Upper Arlington, Plain City, Columbus and other communities!