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for age 5, age 6, age 7-12, Teens and Adults
Our Next Session Begins Tuesday August 13, 2019
(we typically have a long wait list for our Little Dragons program for 3 & 4 year olds)


Self-Defense Basics Classes now on the schedule
Women's Self-Defense Basics Sunday July 21, 1-2:30 pm

Kids, Teens, Teen/Adults Self-Defense Basics Tuesday August 13
5:00 pm ages 6-10
6:15 pm Ages 11-15 7:30 Ages 16 - Adults

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Do you want happier, more confident kids?
No one can guarantee happiness, but
confident kids & teens are more focused at school,
more respectful at home and LESS likely to be bullied.
Confident teens & adults have better relationships and better work experiences.

Courtesy ● Integrity ● Perseverance ● Self-Control ● Indomitable Spirit

What do you want most for your family?
Parents often answer that they want success and happiness for their loved ones,
but how do you equip your family to be more likely to achieve those goals?
Success doesn't just happen and happiness can't be bought.
Most people who are successful have faced a lot of unsuccessful
times and learned to persevere; and most happy people have learned
to overcome challenges and find & focus on the positive things in life.

We teach so much more than "just" excellent martial arts skills and
helping kids, teens and adults feel safer and be better able to defend themselves.

Our goal is to also help students develop confidence as we instill the life-long and
life-changing character traits of respect, focus, self-discipline, being kind and
learning to persevere toward a goal even when facing obstacles and challenges.
We believe good manners and "effort equals results" never goes out of style.

In today's world kids (and teens & adults) need an encouraging and motivating atmosphere
with consistent immediate age-appropriate consequences and rewards, and achievable yet
challenging goals. We don't lower expectations and make things easy we equip our
students to persevere, step up to challenges and work toward success!

ADULTS love the great workout they get in our program!
In addition to a variety of targets, padded body shields and heavy bags
for kicking and striking skills that help with self-defense, we also use battle ropes,
medicine balls, agility ladders, exercise bands and more to help you get stronger,
more flexible and improve your cardio. The deep friendships you make as you work out
with other adults who encourage you and cheer you on is just icing on the cake!

TEENS love the great workout, too, but also the great camaraderie that develops
in an atmosphere of encouragement, positive motivation and no tolerance for bullying.
Our age 11 - 15 class is one of our fastest growing and largest programs!

KIDS in our Little Dragons (age 3 & 4) & Little Ninjas (ages 5), our Ninja Juniors (age 6) and
our Juniors Program (age 7-12) thrive due to our use of positive encouraging language,
our high expectations, and our consistent rules and consequences. We don't have "star"
performers who get all the attention. We give out high-fives for giving YOUR best effort.

Find out how to get started: Our introductory special


Ms. Thompson (peeking out there in the center)
with her son, Mr. Thompson (far right) and her daughter Sara (left)

From my family to yours:
We started taekwondo many years ago and it was the best decision
we ever made! We would love the opportunity to provide an
exceptional martial arts experience for your family starting today!
You can also find out more about our philosophy in an interview with
Ms. Thompson on #BEYOU  -THE PODCAST- episode 11

See our Getting Started page for more information

How to Contact Us:
By phone, private facebook message from our page or stop by during our weekday evening hours.

Since our students typically go to school during the school year and the majority of our adult students & parents of students work during the day our class schedule is designed around those hours. The only times you'll find us physically AT the school and open for business are during the hours of our class schedule. If you call and reach our voicemail, please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible. It helps if your message begins and ends with your name and phone number (if we need to replay your message to get your phone number, starting your message with your name & number before stating the reason for your call saves us from listening to the entire message again and we can get back to you faster). It also helps if you pause between each number in your phone number (because we're all so familiar with our own name and phone number, that's the part we tend to run together and say the fastest). If you are calling for information about trying a class and getting started in our program it helps if you leave the age of the prospective student and any previous martial arts experience they've had. That way, we can leave you the information you need if we reach your voicemail when we return your call. 

Hilliard Taekwondo Academy ● 6320 Scioto Darby Rd, Hilliard OH 43026 ● 614-777-6033 ● facebook