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If you have seen have seen our Kroger Cart Special, let us know the details of that offer when you call or visit.

We are often asked if we accept students with certain medical diagnosis. We not accept or decline students based on any diagnosis. The purpose of the free trial class (and the mini-trials we offer before the start of a next session) is so we can see how the potential student interacts in class and it also give you the opportunity to see how we work with students. We have students who have diagnosis such as autism, ADD, ADHD, etc. Our goal is to ensure that students can participate safely in class. Potential students who are considered "typical" as well as those with a diagnosis may not be able to focus well enough to be able to participate at this time.

Our Programs:
Little Dragons, ages 3 & 4
Ninja Juniors, ages 5 & 6
Juniors Program: Ages 7 - 12
Young Teens: Ages 11 - 15
Teen/Adult: Ages 13 - Adults
Adult only: Ages 18 and up

More details about class days and times are on our Calendar and Schedule page.

Below are examples of what is okay and not okay to wear to try a class with us. We are a family-friendly program and require all students and prospective students to wear modest, appropriate clothing. We do reserve the right to not allow someone to try a class if we determine their clothing does not meet our guidelines.

We also have students with severe food allergies, especially peanut and tree nut allergies. While we do sell snacks that contain peanut products in them, we ask students and visitors to refrain from bringing nuts or peanut butter into our school, and we ask you to wash hands & faces before coming to the school.

For the expectations we have for appropriate behavior from students trying class as well as siblings, friends and parents in our lobby, please see
Our Expectations.