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Whose goals & dreams are they ... yours or your child's?

Whose goals & dreams are they ... yours or your child's?

Is your #1 goal to have your child to end up on an Olympic podium, with an eye to fame and fortune?
We can save you time ... we are not the school for you.

Do you want your child to become a more confident, focused, respectful, disciplined, kind person who learns to persevere through challenges while also developing excellent martial arts skills and leadership qualities?
You are our kind of family!

Our martial arts skill standards are high.
Our character development standards are even higher.

In any sport, the number of participants who end up on an Olympic podium is very small compared to the number of kids who start in that sport. 
EVERY child can learn to focus, set & achieve goals they set, learn to try hard, become more confident, develop respect & perseverance. 

Goal setting IS an important life skill, but there is a difference between the child's goal and the parents' goal for that child. And the younger the child, the more likely they will change their mind about those goals. They may want to be a super hero one day, an astronaut the next, the President, a puppy, a teacher, a chef ...  

A sport should be led by exceptional role models and be safe, fun, and help the child develop confidence, good sportsmanship, how to be part of a team, learn to accept and use feedback, how to be humble when winning and to accept losing with grace, how to persevere rather than giving up as soon as things become challenging or aren't FUN all the time. 

Do you want a child who must win at all costs?
Or a confident, respectful, kind child who becomes more successful at school, at home, in friendships?

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