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Hilliard Taekwondo Academy wants to help students who will be positive influences both inside and outside our academy walls. Our Kids Taekwondo classes will help a child of any experience level learn martial arts in a fun and exciting way, while also having the right structure so that they can learn effectively.

Our students will cultivate skills for the real world, such as teamwork, respect, discipline, and focus. Starting as young as age 3, your child can begin to develop those abilities in a family environment. Just fill out the short form to learn more about the best Kids Taekwondo classes that Hilliard has to offer!

LITTLE DRAGONS (AGES 3 & 4), LITTLE NINJAS (AGE 5), & NINJA JUNIORS (AGE 6): Our Little Dragons & Little Ninjas programs are designed to help 3,4 and 5 year olds begin learning the basics of martial arts in a fun environment. We use games and a variety of activities with helpers from our Juniors Program to help them develop balance, focus, memory, respect, self-control, large and small motor skills and so much more. With their busy play schedules and the addition of pre-school or kindergarten we've found they are typically too tired to focus for (or enjoy) a 30-minute weekday class. Our Saturday morning only program (at a reduced cost) for age 3 & 4, and our Monday & Wednesday afternoon classes for age 5 is a perfect fit for this younger group's lifestyle. During the summer months we add a Tuesday or Thursday morning class. They get to earn stripes on their belt during class and test for a new belt every 2 months. Our Ninja Juniors class helps our 6-year-old students prepare to transition to the Junior Program. This age group has 2 classes they may attend each week: Saturday morning and Wednesday early evening. During the summer we add a Tuesday or Thursday morning class.

JUNIORS (AGES 7-12) & YOUNG TEEN CLASSES (AGES 11-15): Our Junior program (ages 7 - 12*) offers high quality martial arts training which teaches self-confidence, focus, self-discipline, courtesy, leadership and teamwork in a fun environment. Students choose two to three taekwondo classes a week from the 5-6 classes offered for their age and rank. We've added 2 evening classes each week that provide the opportunity for Junior students ages 11 and 12 to workout with teens a few year older to help them prepare to transition to the teen/adult class. Our Junior program is divided into Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Black Belt classes based on rank. During a typical class students participate in a variety of activities which may include working with an instructor on their Form, practicing sparring or One-Steps, working with a partner and a target to learn proper striking and kicking techniques for their belt level, participating in a relay race, learning how to deal with a bully, using the rail for support during kicking drills or using boppers to learn good blocking skills. Our goal is to keep class fun and challenging! We've added exercise classes to our program! Check out the class schedule for times for your age or rank. HTA students may participate in one exercise class a week in addition to their 2-3 taekwondo classes a week. Students wear the the same thing to the exercise class as they do to their taekwondo classes.

*Because of the popularity of our Little Dragon and Ninja Juniors programs and their waiting lists we may allow children who are at least 6 1/2 to try a Junior Beginner class to see if they are able to focus and follow directions for a 45-minute class in order to be able to participate in this program.

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