Belt testing: Are you signed up? In-class testing options Mar 20-29; formal testing March 30 or 31. Full White Uniforms every class starting Mon. March 27 We're scheduling appointments for visitors to try a class the week of April 3rd!

Trying a FREE Class and our Introductory Special:

Every student starts with a free class. We always offer an introductory special, which is a one-time discounted membership for several weeks. The intro special helps you determine if you and/or family members will be able to make a more long-term commitment to our martial arts program.

Expectations for behavior of visitors trying a class, current students as well as family members and guests:

Our rules apply to everyone: students, visitors and family members, both on the workout floor, while waiting for class or watching from the sidewalk.

Whether you are a child, an adult, a teen, a parent, a friend, a sibling ... if you are breaking our rules we will chat :)

  • We follow the CDC, Ohio and Franklin County guideline
    • We use a private Zoom link so that students may participate in class from home if they wish
    • No different than our health guidelines have been for years, please do not come to the school if the person coming inside has even minor symptoms or if anything contagious
  • Students must wear the appropriate uniform (clean and in good repair) to every class, whether they are participating in-person or online
  • Students are expected to respond to instructions promptly and with an enthusiastic "yes, ma'am!" or "yes, sir!"
  • Students are expected to be courteous to instructors and other students
  • Students are expected to arrive on time (they may come inside 5 minutes before the scheduled start of their class) and be picked up right at the end of class
  • Students arriving 10 or more minutes later than the schedule start time of the class may not participate today. We will have already completed the warm up to prepare students for class. The class will have been planned based on the number of students in class and their rank/age/stripes. We will be 5 or more minutes into the class activities
  • All Black Belts, especially instructors are referred to by their last name with Ms., Miss, Mr. or Mrs. Even if you know an instructor from outside of the taekwondo school, they are never referred to by their first name in the school, even by parents or other family members of students.

Why are we so firm?

It's important for students to learn the importance of rules, that we mean exactly what we say and that time management is important. After all, you don't want your family members trying to find ways to avoid following your rules, getting out of chores and ignoring curfews, and we're here to help.

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