Bully Defense Clinics Sat. Feb 18th, Designed for the general public, Advance Registration Required, https://forms.gle/sZFnXHMJSFSRVWgX6

What is okay / not okay to wear for a trial class

We allow only modest clothing (loose-fitting short sleeved t-shirts and loose fitting long pants or baggy shorts that come at least to the knee; we do not allow crop tops, mesh tops, tank tops, tops that have the sides slit open or that are sheer enough to see through; we do not allow yoga pants or leggings or tight fitting running pants ... and we do reserve the right to require you to reschedule your trial class if we feel that your clothing is not appropriate. Yes, we understand that "other" places, like the gym or running clubs etc allow clothing that is on our "not okay" list ...but we are not "other" places. :)(once you become a student you must wear the provided uniform to every class):


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