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Can I sign up myself or my child without trying the free class?

No. It's important to start with a trial class for a number of reasons. We understand that you or your child may have been wanting to do martial arts "forever" and just want to get started in our program right away. Sometimes a child who has "always wanted to do martial arts" reacts much differently when they walk through our front door or it's time to step out onto the workout floor for their first class. Because we are teaching martial arts, it's important for us to run classes as safely as possible and participants who are not able to focus well or not able to follow directions quickly & accurately or not able to communicate clearly & well with our instructors can pose a safety risk to themselves as well as other students in the class. It's not unusual for a student to require a small amount of one-on-one attention to learn a new and challenging skill, but our program is not designed for a student who may need almost constant one-on-one assistance to be able to participate in class safely. As much as we would love to be able to accept every visitor into our program (and probably about 99% of our visitors are able to start right after trying their free class), it's important for us to recognize that every martial arts school is not designed for everyone. We feel it's more important to be honest with our visitors if we feel our program is not a good fit than it is to accept their money when we believe they will not get exceptional value from our program at this time. In those very rare cases where we might choose to allow someone to purchase a membership as a surprise Christmas present for example, we treat their first class in the same way we do the free trial class and if we feel the student cannot participate safely in our program we reserve the right to cancel the membership.

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