Bully Defense Clinics Sat. Feb 18th, Designed for the general public, Advance Registration Required, https://forms.gle/sZFnXHMJSFSRVWgX6

Does this mean that everyone who visits can try a free class no matter what?

No it doesn't. A visitor may not be the correct age for the class, they may not be wearing appropriate clothing to try the class or their behavior before or during class indicates that they are not ready to participate in class safely. If class has already started we may remove a child from the workout floor and bring them back out to you in the lobby if what they are wearing or their behavior becomes a safety issue and we may suggest trying class another day. It may also be that siblings or the parents or other guests of the students are not following our guidelines while watching from the sidewalk and because of the distraction and potential safety issue, we may need to remove the child from class so you can take all of them home.

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