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Why don't you show the prices for your program after the introductory special?

That's a great question, and there are a number of reasons we don't include our pricing on our website. We're probably not the cheapest or the most expensive program around and we don't want you to make a decision based solely on price. Have you ever bought the cheapest of something (or even the most expensive thinking you were getting the best there was) and wished you hadn't? It can be difficult to imagine the value of something you haven't had the opportunity to experience yet.

For example, imagine if a shoe salesperson asked you what is the absolute most you would be willing to pay for a pair of shoes. Okay, now what if the shoes they offered were such a great design they could be worn with casual as well as really dressy outfits; were so well made they would last 10 years no matter how tough you or your child were on them; were so comfortable they somehow helped you feel more relaxed and gave you more energy so you could focus better which helped you perform better on the job, at home or at school? Would you pay more for them than you first thought you would? Most people would because those shoes provide greater value than any shoes they've previously had experience with. However if the shoe salesperson had simply told you the price of the shoes without letting you experience the shoes first it's probable you wouldn't have even tried on those awesome shoes and would have missed out on the best pair of shoes ever that ended up being the best value.

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