Regular Class Schedule Tues-Fri, Dec 27-30, and Tues-Fri, Jan 3-6, 2023.

We've had the gamut of "you were less expensive/more expensive" responses from people:

"Wow! You are a whole lot less expensive than ____ sport or activity (or even the other taekwondo program) my child has participated in!"

"You were a little more expensive than I expected at first, but I was so impressed with the positive changes in my child after such a short time in your program that it has been well worth the money!"

"Considering the number of sports my child has tried and quit right after I bought a bunch of equipment, you are a lot less expensive and I'm amazed that months (years) later my child still LOVES coming to class here!"

"Wow! I thought it was going to be just a physical sport, but my child has become more respectful at home and is doing so much better in school this year that you are worth any amount of money ... but please don't raise your prices because I said that!"

We've also had students come to us after spending time in less expensive programs (and sometimes way more expensive programs!) We used to automatically keep students at whatever rank they earned in that other taekwondo program. However, we've found it's not unusual for those students to not have the skill level to participate safely at that same rank in our program. We now evaluate the skills of potential new students coming from other taekwondo programs to determine what rank they would fit safely into our program. Imagine if you or your student were playing on an elementary school football team and suddenly found yourselves facing a varsity high school team. How unsafe and scary would that be? Or imagine if you or your child were in 5th grade and a first grader was moved into the classroom, requiring the teacher to spend valuable time teaching to the first grader to try to bring them up to the same level as the rest of the class. Imagine how bored and frustrated you would be.

We don't pressure you to sign up ... either for the introductory special or the longer term memberships after that. We understand that families live within a budget and also that not all cars or shoes or food brands (how many off-brand items did you think you were saving money when you bought them but ended up throwing away because no one would eat it?) or houses ... or taekwondo programs ... are identical.

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