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How many times a week should my child or I come to class?

Little Dragons & Ninjas (ages 4 & 5) have 2 classes a week.
Students in our Juniors Program (age 6-12) and our Teen/Adult program may participate in up to 3 taekwondo classes a week, with at least twice a week being recommended.

Setting a schedule and being consistent is important. If you ask them every day if they want to go to taekwondo today, even if they only come to class two times a week, they will start to feel like they are coming to class all the time because you are asking them every day. Students who do not come to class consistently often feel out of place, like everyone else knows more than they do and then do not want to come to class. The student who just loved coming to class will start calling it "boring and dumb" because they don't want to tell you that they feel like it's now to hard or that everyone has passed them by. However, students who do come on a consistent basis feel better and actually look forward to coming to class.

That doesn't mean a student should never take any time off. Just like you need to play hooky from work once in awhile or take a much needed family vacation, students need to take a day off from taekwondo once in awhile, especially when the weather is perfect outside. And being away from class for a family vacation won't hurt the training of a student who has been coming to class consistently.

It's also a good idea once in awhile to change up which classes they attend. Different instructors are here on different days and different students come on different days. Coming in on a different day can give a student a whole new perspective on their training.

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