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Do you accept students with behavioral or developmental diagnoses?

We do not accept or decline students based on any behavioral or developmental diagnoses. For example we have students who are on the autism spectrum, are diagnosed OCD, are diagnosed with ADD, etc. And we've chosen to not accept students in our program who do not have any such diagnoses, but based on the trial class felt they were not mature enough or focused enough to be able to participate safely at the time of the trial class.

We make our decisions based on being able to provide value (we do not want you to spend money with us if we truly do not believe you or your child will be able to focus and participate well enough to learn and progress in our program right now) as well as safety (if you or your child are not able to follow directions well, are not able to focus, are not able to communicate well without frequent or constant one-on-one supervision, your participation might pose a safety risk for you or your child as well as the other students in class). While we wish we could accept every potential student who comes through our doors, we do recognize that not every martial arts school can meet the training needs for every person.

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