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What are the uniform requirements?

Each martial arts student is issued a uniform (white pants and white jacket) upon enrollment and currently we are also providing a t-shirt at no additional cost to the student. All martial arts students are required to wear either their full white uniform or they may wear their white uniform pants or our color workout pants with an HTA or Taekwondo America T-shirt and their belt. (Anyone may wear red or blue workout pants, but only Black Belts may wear black workout pants. Color pants are never worn with the uniform jacket.)

T-shirts other than HTA or TA may not be worn in class. T-shirts must be tucked into the pants waist.

When in full uniform, females must wear a plain white T-shirt under their uniform jacket and males do not wear any t-shirt under their uniform jacket. Anyone with hair below their ears must pull their hair back. Jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, watches and bracelets are not to be worn during class, testings or tournaments because they can injure you or your workout partners.

Uniforms (including t-shirts) must be kept clean and in good repair (belts are the one uniform items that should never be washed).

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