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Do you have really cool weapons classes I can sign up to take?

Nope (though we do some fun weapons drills in some of our Black Belt classes once those students learn their new pattern of moves). Taekwondo is what we have years of training to teach. Differing versions of the history of Taekwondo seem to disagree on whether Taekwondo is a weaponless art designed specifically for unarmed conflict or if early Taekwondo martial artists did use weapons. Although our instructors have had the opportunity to participate in a few classes over the years using nun-chucks, bo staffs and escrima sticks those few hours of experience don't even come close to comparing to the minimum of 3 years of training we require before even considering a Black Belt student for the our training program to become a Taekwondo instructor. Our chief instructors each have over 20 years of experience teaching Taekwondo. We wouldn't feel right charging an additional fee for you to participate in a class that we didn't have the years of training to teach with the same excellence we put into our Taekwondo program. Besides, in a true self-defense situation the odds of having a super cool martial arts weapon handy is slim ... but you will always have the hands, feet, elbows and knees we taught you to use.

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