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If I feel like I (or my child) need help on with sparring or kicks or my form, can I go directly to a specific instructor and ask for extra help outside of class or private lessons?

The quick and short answer is "no." If you have concerns, please talk with Ms. Thompson. All of our instructors, both staff and volunteer instructors, are certified to teach under our guidance and they are not permitted to set up private lessons unless approved through one of us in advance. They are not allowed to meet privately with students outside of the school or to teach inside the school without another adult, preferably another certified adult instructor, inside the school during that time.

Typically, when students have approached our instructors asking for private lessons, Ms. Thompson has already answered their request for a private lesson with "you just need to come to class more consistently" or "your skill level is right where we expect it to be at your rank and you just need to be patient." In a few rare instances we have felt a student did need a little extra help to catch up because of an injury they received in another sport or a prolonged illness. Ignoring our advice and going directly to the instructors is a sign of disrespect. If students are coming to class consistently 2-3 times a week (and yes, we expect you to take vacations and a day off now and then), and focusing and trying hard while they are in class, they will develop the necessary skills at the appropriate times for their rank. Parents are often concerned if they compare their child to other students in class and feel their child isn't performing at the same level. While we do have minimum standards that students must meet within our program, every student in our program is different with different athletic ability, differing abilities to focus as well as varying levels of being able to learn and retain new information. We don't compare one student to another, but rather focus on how each student is progressing since their previous belt rank testing (or, if they are a white belt student, since they were accepted into our program) based on their individual ability.

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