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What if my child misuses Taekwondo at home or at school?

Talk with Ms. Thompson IMMEDIATELY. While we understand that students can be a little over-anxious to share and show off, this can be dangerous since they can accidentally injure someone. Please inform us as soon as possible so we can take steps to correct the situation.

What constitutes "misuse" of taekwondo? Karate chopping or kicking at people, pets and things just for fun or to show off; trying to teach anyone what they've learned in class; responding to a possible bullying situation with more force than necessary ... these are all examples of misusing taekwondo.

Respectfully practicing their form or one-steps (assuming THEY have decided to do this rather than a parent making them practice) in a safe space in your house is not misusing taekwondo.

If a bully picks on them, hits them or in some way attacks them, using taekwondo blocking or other self-defense skills in an appropriate way is not misusing what they've learned. "Appropriate way" means if someone is calling them names the student uses their voice to respond rather than hitting/kicking; the first time a bully uses physical force the student should try to move out of the way and/or block; if the physical force from the bully continues or escalates and the student cannot get away or get an adult to help immediate and they risk getting injured then a controlled strike may be needed to stop the altercation.

Parents, you do need to talk with your kids about what level of appropriate response you are okay with since any physical response, even if it's the only way to keep the bully from hurting them, will probably result in a suspension if this happens at school. What do the instructors expect from the students?

We expect our students to give their best effort as well as to be focused and respectful. Technique at the early stages of training is not as important as a positive attitude and responding quickly and safely to instructions. If a student tries hard, is respectful and focused and has a good attitude, they will develop better technique over time because they are listening, trying hard and learning.

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