Belt testing: Are you signed up? In-class testing options Mar 20-29; formal testing March 30 or 31. Full White Uniforms every class starting Mon. March 27 We're scheduling appointments for visitors to try a class the week of April 3rd!

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  • Introductory Special

    Introductory Special

    SUMMER 2023 Special! 2 great options, choose either: 6 weeks for only $159/person, or 12 weeks for only $279/person we provide a uniform Schedule your Trial Class NOW for the week of June 5th! All visits, for information or to try a class are by pre-schedule appointment. Age-based programs *Age 4 & 5 (this program currently has a wait list) Age 6-12 Teens (age 11-17) Teen/Adult Program When a program becomes full, we will be happy to add you to our wait list. For first time visitors, and those who are not students in another martial arts school/program (we want you to stay loyal to your instructor ). ....

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  • Class Schedule

    Class Schedule

    All visits are by scheduled appointment only during this time. Only instructors and students are inside the school., plus: ONE person per family of students in the current class may be inside (and that one person must be a parent/adult guardian). Other family members, friends, etc (even when arriving for the trial class) stay outside and watch class from outside. If a belt rank has 2 class options in one day, they may choose one OR the other class. ....

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  • Current calendar

    Current calendar

    Watch for updates. Weather can impact our class schedule. Updates are posted on our business Facebook page and typically we are able to change our phone's outgoing message if we need to close due to the weather. If we plan in advance to be closed on a day we would normally be open for classes, there will be a "NO CLASSES" note on those days. Other notations on the calendar are informational. ....

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  • Perseverance


    Perseverance. As one of our students walked out the door after testing, they made the comment "Wow, that was easier than I expected! My boards broke the first try." Is anything about belt rank testing "easy"? Does board breaking really seem "easy"? Was this student being braggy? No, no and absolutely not. This is a student who knows exactly how unforgiving boards can be, both during class and during testing. We tell Brown Belts and higher they can practice board breaking every time they come to class, and this testing cycle, after every class this student asked us and their parents for permission to stay and work on board breaking using our rebreakable boards and ....

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  • Coachable Kids ... and Teens and Adults

    Coachable Kids ... and Teens and Adults

    Coachable ... an important character trait whether we are a child, a teen or an adult. ... whether we are an athlete, a student, an employee or a coach, a teacher, a leader. We can react to feedback by being offended and refusing to consider any of it or seeing it as an opportunity to improve. We can focus on how it was said or consider the lessons it offers. We can quit, change jobs/programs/relationships, blame the person giving feedback or we can consider what we could do differently to be even more amazing. It can be uncomfortable, embarrassing, awkward to hear we might need to do something differently. But amazing results are revealed when we develop a humble ....

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  • Self-control and self-expression

    Self-control and self-expression

    Developing self-control AND inspiring self-expression This is one of the biggest challenges for anyone working with children, whether you are a parent, teacher, coach/martial arts instructor ... And it's also one of the BEST things we can do for them. Self-expression without any awareness of how ones actions impact others, without realizing one needs to be courteous and respectful, without understanding the importance of integrity, perseverance, honoring commitments ... can make it more difficult for a person to develop lasting positive friendships and careers. On the other hand, self-control without any expression of the personality that makes one unique can make ....

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  • Who is the boss in your family ... you or your child?

    Who is the boss in your family ... you or your child?

    Who’s the boss in your family? (and how do you get that power back if you’ve lost it?) We’re the parents. Obviously we’re in charge and our kids just know that, right? It’s true that kids DO know who has the power in the family. Families are just like any other group dynamic. The person who has the power isn’t necessarily the person with the “power title of boss, coach, teacher, parent.” It’s the person who makes things happen … or keeps things from happening. A boss who is afraid to correct an employee who skirts the rules, is disrespectful, arrives late, makes mistakes, does the bare minimum … that boss loses ....

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  • What we teach them to do for themselves

    What we teach them to do for themselves

    Inspiring Independence A big part of parenting is accepting there will be bittersweet moments that also fill your heart with pride as you watch your child succeed at something ... without your help. You pick out their clothing You pack their lunch You help them ride their bike You walk them to their friend's next door You stand at the bus stop with them You read to them ... until the day they want to "do it myself!" As they get older we can still support them as they learn to speak up respectfully and talk to their coach about playing time or their teacher about a grade without us needing to step in and fix it for them. We can love them and still let them deal with the consequences of ....

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    FAIR vs EQUAL Whether you are a parent, a coach, a teacher or have some other role in childrens' lives ... one of the biggest challenges in helping them become successful is understanding the difference between "fair" and "equal." Whether it's a reward or a consequence, what is successful for one child may not be what's successful for another. EQUAL: everyone who deserves a reward gets a reward that makes them feel equally appreciated and everyone who deserves a consequence gets a consequence that makes them feel equally remorseful. FAIR: the reward each person gets can be different based on what makes them feel equally appreciated and the consequence each ....

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  • Moments that catch you off guard

    Moments that catch you off guard

    Moments that catch you off-guard (aka "that wasn't the plan, but ...") Yesterday's Little Ninjas class (our 5-year-olds) is still on my mind. At the end of class we sat in a circle and I asked what they thought of the new drill we had just done. I usually say "activity" or "game" but today I said "drill" and that changed the conversation. Apparently yesterday was a day Hilliard schools practiced drills to hide from active shooters and they wanted to talk about that drill. Some described a fun game they had wanted to win by being the most quiet and still. Some explained the mechanics of how jamming a door worked and who could and couldn't get the door open. And some ....

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