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  • Our current Introductory Special

    Our current Introductory Special

    More focus and confidence for kids, teens and adults with our Introductory Special! $135.00 for your first 9 weeks of classes, and we provide the uniform Great workouts improve strength, cardio and help reduce stress. Develop more confidence, focus, respect and confidence. Email us at today to schedule an appointment to try a class! Located at the corner of Cosgray and Scioto Darby. Between Beef O'Brady's and New Grounds Coffee House. ....

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  • How to get your kids to listen (and have a happier homelife)!

    How to get your kids to listen (and have a happier homelife)!

    How to get your kids to listen more and argue less! Thank them for the behaviors you want more of and give less attention to the behaviors you don't want. Kids want attention (well ... don't we all?). When they sit quietly, play nicely together, hang up their jacket, don't make a mess ... do you thank them? When they say "NO!" or argue, do you give them all your attention and try to reason with them, engage in the argument, try to find out what will make them do what you want, threaten, etc. If behaving well doesn't get recognized, but being the class clown or refusing to cooperate brings everything to a halt and wins them all the attention, they will continue to show off, disrupt, ....

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  • "How do you get kids to behave so quickly!?!"

    "How do you get kids to behave so quickly!?!"

    "How do you get kids to behave so quickly!?!" This is one of the most frequent questions/comments we get from parents when their child tries a class at Hilliard Taekwondo Academy. It's really not magic, and our strategies will work for you at home ... yes, really! First, we understand: - kids really do want to please us - boundaries make kids feel safer - we get more of the behavior we focus on most Second, we are consistent in terms of: - expectations -recognition - consequences Third: - planning ahead helps avoid reacting based on emotions, especially anger - consequences tend to be more fair when applied based on a rule that's broken rather than how we feel in that moment - ....

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  • Integrity ... doing what's right even when no one (or our kids) may be watching us

    Integrity ... doing what's right even when no one (or our kids) may be watching us

    We want our kids to be confident, to learn to focus, to have self-control and to demonstrate a character of integrity. Integrity - doing the right thing even when no one is watching - is my favorite of the Taekwondo Tenets. It means: To be trustworthy. To keep your word and do what you said you would. To be honest about finishing chores and doing homework. To own up to mistakes rather than trying to blame others, and accepting consequences. You may wonder: Isn't it normal for kids to tell "little white lies" and to try to avoid getting in trouble? Won't they outgrow it on their own? How do we help our children develop trustworthiness & integrity? As uncomfortable as it can be, we ....

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  • 2021 and our Indomitable Spirit

    2021 and our Indomitable Spirit

    "When 2020 is behind us ..." "What a year 2020 has been ..." "I'll be so glad when 2020 is over ..." How many times have we said that over the past months... as if we can put 2020 in a cardboard box, slap on a return address label and send it back. Just like many of you, I've found myself looking forward to the end of this year, to slamming the door on 2020 and never looking back. And then it hit me ... turning the last page on the 2020 calendar isn't going to magically erase the challenges 2020 brought with it. When I wake up on the first day of 2021 odds are I'll still be dealing with all that was going on in the world when I went to bed the last night of 2020. I'd been so looking ....

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  • GRIT plus Guts and Spunk!

    GRIT plus Guts and Spunk!

    GRIT & Guts & Spunk Belt Rank Testing ... results will be emailed today, and we can get so caught up in a strip of fabric and a title on a piece of paper that we forget what it's really about ... developing guts & spunk. While many of our students did pass testing and will get a new strip of fabric and piece of paper with a new belt rank title, there are also those who didn't. It's not because they didn't prepare. It's not because they didn't try. It doesn't mean they aren't a good martial artist. Over my 20 plus years in taekwondo I've seen amazing martial artists not pass a testing and I've seen not-as-amazing students move on to their next belt ....

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  • Let your kids "fail" on their own

    Let your kids "fail" on their own

    So often we think failure is final and that our children will lose their self-confidence if they don't succeed the first time at each thing they try. Just like building stronger muscles requires struggling against weights that are not easy to lift, and just like babies learning to walk requires falling down and getting up, and learning to write or play an instrument or cook or build something, learning to overcome challenges requires practice ... often with failures along the way. When we step in to make things easy for our child, to fix any problems they may encounter, we are sending them the message that we know they don't have the ability to do it themselves. THAT is what hurts their ....

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  • 2020 and ... Gratitude?

    2020 and ... Gratitude?

    Can we really be expected to feel grateful during a year like this one?! It's way easier to come up with a list of things to be thankful for when life is going well. The challenge can be to recognize blessings when it feels like nothing is going the way we planned. As I tell our Hilliard Taekwondo Academy students, you tend to find what you look for, and right now it's easy to find plenty of things to complain about. It may take a little more work to find things that make us feel gratitude and joy, but those things are there. I saw a meme that asked us to consider what life would be like if we woke up one morning and only had the things we'd expressed gratitude for the ....

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    Who doesn't admire the power of courage, grit and determination? Who doesn't want to see those qualities when they look in the mirror? Who doesn't want to see them take root and bloom in their family? But we don't become courageous, we don't develop grit, our determination doesn't show itself when things are easy. It's like wanting our muscles to become stronger without the challenge of struggling to lift weights. It takes scary times, hard times, challenging times ... times like the past several months, and the months ahead ... for our true courage and grit and determination to be needed, to be tested and to have the opportunity to become stronger and stronger. And ....

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